In April we went to France. More precisely, the gorgeous South. More precisely than that, a lovely little town in Languedoc called Puissalicon.

Unfortunately, I came down with a nasty case of pharyngitis (google it), and therefore missed most of what was set to be a lovely holiday. I managed to take a few snaps through my 103º fever though. A few. And phew.


On the way in from Montpellier airport we visited the aqueduct du St Clement, which was vast and stunning and made us feel as small as ants. We had fun teetering on the ledge at the top and skimming stones on the lake at the bottom.




…and on the other side of the illness, we had a SWARM OF BEES invade the garden. A SWARM OF BEES. An actual SWARM. Needless to say we ran inside for our tiny lives. Luckily though, a neighbour knew a local beekeeper who just happened to perform call-out services on a Sunday evening in rural France. She was fearless and it was all tres exciting.




Later she brought us some honey.


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