Edinburgh Fest in 4 Days

I know, it’s November, and this is really late. Better late than not at all though, right? Amiright? Guys?


Back at the end of August I was lucky enough to visit Edinburgh for the festival. My boyfriend was in a show up there (this one!), and so I stayed with him in some quite strange and very lacklustre halls of residence (these ones!) just across the road from the art school. I sort of really hope that the art students didn’t have to stay in them, because those box rooms with bars on the windows were inspiring no one… HOWEVER, free accommodation and a night bus up there (ohmygodsouncomfortableneveragain) meant for a very cheap trip, and man, it was brilliant.

I had never been up before, and it didn’t disappoint. Jumping with activity, people everywhere, really exciting shows and events, just amazing. I’m not a huge fan of crowds but it just felt like it was bubbling with creative energy. To be honest, you could get a feel for it just wandering around, and not seeing any shows. And if you did want to, but were worried about all the pennies you might be spending, there were a whole range of free show that were fantastic, too!

I’m going to list and link my favourites, intercut with completely un-related photos of beautiful Edinburgh in various weathers (because I are a professional blogger).


On the Saturday I saw 6 shows! The first of which was the Paper Cinema‘s Odyssey. An incredible mix of live music and projected paper puppetry – it was stunning. If you get a chance, do see it. Trailer here.


Also that day I saw Pekka and Strangebone’s Comedy Showpiece. This one was part of the Free Fringe, and by the end my cheeks were wet and I ached from laughing. Not sure when they’ll next be on, but if you ever get the chance… you know! Go!

(EDIT: They’re doing a show on in London 3rd December! Details here.)


Next! Beating McEnroe at Summerhall. Very silly and funny, not too uncomfortable and maybe even a little touching? Not a bad touch though, a good touch. This is actually on at Ovalhouse in London this week (26-30 Nov – full deets here), so Londoners, go! Go.


(Speaking of dogs) up next is Major Tom! It has a huge fucking Basset Hound in it, man! Go.

(…If you do need any further convincing, it’s a very lovely and funny show with a good bit of story-telling – Victoria Melody is wonderful and dappy and charming. Trailer here.)


Neeext: The Half-Naked Chef. A hugely funny, utterly ridiculous show that was based largely on the reactions of the passers-by to the chap running around in an apron, a shabby chef’s hat and his pants. The venue was a small, glass-fronted shop, with the performer in the window and the audience facing out (though we also had the option of sitting outside in the street and facing in), so we weren’t only watching the chef, but also the confused pedestrians, with whom he was also interacting. No one was safe, it was amazing.


Next: Projector/Conjector. A really sweet, part-dance-part-video piece, in which the performers had video equipment strapped to the tops of their heads. Really well done, with brilliant choreography.  Short vid here.


Last one, promise: Funeral Replacement Service by The Ghost Bus Tours. Chances are if you live in London you will have seen the Ghost Buses – (they’re big black Routemasters!) doing the rounds, and they have recently set up a tour in Edinburgh, too! The Fringe show was slightly different to the normal tour, still a silly gory story, with funny (and some troublesome) moments. Pretty cool venue, too!


Brilliant trip. Beautiful city. Go!


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