Gower – Llanelli, Rhossilli, Port Eynon.


In early September we stayed in Llanelli for a few days (in this lovely Airbnb), and explored the Gower and its beautiful coasts.  It’s a gorgeous place, I would definitely recommend a visit.


gow5Burry Port Harbour


gow8Rhossilli bay – voted the 3rd best beach in Europe!


Port Eynon

Tips: You will need a car to get around (as I suppose you can expect of rural Wales), and make sure you have some cash before you arrive, as not many places take card – at least not under a certain amount. A must for chips and ice cream. We made the mistake of not getting any out, and subsequently spent a long time driving around trying to find a cashpoint, and spending silly money in seaside shops in order to get some cashback! Also, learn the Welsh pronunciation of the double ‘L’ in words (Llanelli especially!) or you’ll be out of favour with the locals.


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